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Transitioning to New Software


In many legal services like Social Security disability advocacy, it can be difficult to transition from one case management software to another while continuing to represent cases.

Case Management Software

Case Management Software

Commercially generated case management software programs are totally incompatible with one another.  They can also be extremely expensive and are not always HIPPA compliant as required in the field of SSA case representation.

Client data and familiarity are the two most sited reasons why professionals stay with a program even when comparable software is available at significant savings.   Professionals stay in these inexpensive programs because they fear loss of client data and the new software learning curve.

If you’re considering a change to your case management program, here are a few tips we provide to those transferring into our Olivia Prime software:

a)      Plan your transition out of the old software.

b)      Make the transition during the slowest period of your business.

c)       Take the new software’s free trial and get familiar with how it works.

d)      Properly organize your client’s data prior to the transition

e)      Try to avoid inputting large amounts of client data into the new system.

f)       Start fresh in your new software inputting only new incoming clients.

g)      Continue using your old software until cases are closed.

Olivia Prime is easy to learn and contains a full video instructional library.  If you’d like to learn about our Olivia case management software for disability advocates, click here.  If you’d like to learn how you can enter the field of disability advocacy, click here.  Thank you for visiting the Advocate Income Network Blog.


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