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New Olivia Task Alert System


The Task Alert System is a powerful new addition to our Olivia Prime case management system. This tool enables you to quickly document and track case and company related activities on a daily bases. Any task entered into the system is monitored daily. On the day the task is due, the system will alert you within your Olivia account. You will also receive an email alert or an alert to your mobile device.

As a practicing disability advocate, keeping up with day-to-day client and business task can be a challenge. That’s why we invented the new Task Alert system. The Task Alert is integrated into both your Task and Client Calendars. This structure enables you to tract, execute and bill any or all actions listed in the task alert.

Using the Alert System

We have designed the Task Alert system to be user friendly. Use the system to document and track deadlines, due dates, meetings, follow-ups, hearings, form acquisition and more.  This tool will make keeping up with required actions much easy.

Open your Olivia software account to the Dashboard.

Task Alert System

Making case processing easy!

On the Task Alert Bar, click Edit to access the Task Alert System.

Track Case Activities

Document and track all case activities

You can enter a task with or without associating it to a client. Upon completing the task, you’ll be given the opportunity to add the task to a client’s billing if desired.

Track any task

Track task any task!

Indicate the level of priority and the task description.

Prioritize the task

Prioritize any task

By clicking add task, you are saving the task to the system.

Task Saved

Task Saved

Upon saving a task, it will appear on the Dashboard of your Olivia account.  The task will also be listed on the Task Alert page. Click the blue check box below to mark task as complete.

View Task

View all completed task

You can also view all completed task, view future task or print the task list.

View future task

View future task

See All Task and Completed Task list below:

See All Task

See All Task

Setting reminders on task is easy.  Once you’ve entered a task, you can designate how you would like to be notified. If you choose email, you’ll receive an email notice on the morning the task is due.  You also have the option of being notified via your tablet or smart phone device.

Task alerts to your phone

Task alerts to your email and phone.

To learn more about our powerful Olivia case management software, visit our website at  If you’d like to learn more about the field of disability representation, visit our training site at  To learn more about our powerful marketing program, visit us at

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