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Olivia Client Control Panel Advantage!

Client Control Panel

When to Use a Control Panel

Another exclusive feature within our Olivia Prime case management software is the assignable client control panel.  Within Olivia, an advocate can easily assign a secure control panel to any active client.  The system automatically generates the client’s access codes and sends this data to the client.  The client can easily access his control panel and begin securely communicating with his/her assigned advocate.

Within each control panel, we have placed a control panel training video for the client user.  This will enable the client user to quickly learn the panel.  Providing a training video for the applicant should also saves you time by reducing your time spent explaining how to use it.

We created the assignable client control panel to enable Olivia users to provide their customers with a higher level of customer service.  As case processing moves to the Internet, an assignable client control panel with the ability to send secure messages and materials will prove to be an invaluable tool for the professional disability advocate.

When to use a control panel

Considerations when assigning a control panel:

  1. Make sure the client has Internet access and an email account.
  2. Make sure the client is comfortable using the web.
  3. Use it when exchanging sensitive materials like SSA forms or documents containing Social Security numbers over the Internet.
  4. Use it to explain case strategy or other sensitive matters associated with a case.
  5. Use it when discussing financial matters associated with a case.

It’s important to realize that regular email is not secure and should not be used to communicate sensitive information.  Hackers target email with an even higher frequency than websites because it is a treasure trove of personal information.  Olivia Prime is the only advocate case management software that enables you to address this security issue in flash.  If you’d like to learn more about Olivia Prime case management software, please visit our website.

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