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Olivia Prime in the Initial Interview Process


One of the greatest obstacles to the success of an advocacy service is case processing efficiency!  Most advocates depend on home grown software solutions or expensive software created by companies that have never represented a case.   An efficient advocacy service needs case management software that is custom made for the industry.  Olivia Prime is that software!

The operational techniques (daily business practices) you use in your advocacy service can make or break your firm.  Experience shows that daily business practices are as important to success as an understanding the disability process.  In fact, the two must work hand-in-hand in order to create a service that works for everyone.

In our disability advocate business and training program, we go to great lengths to teach each student the various steps within the disability process.  The process starts with what we call the intake or initial interview phase.  The initial interview is extremely important because it’s your chance to closely review the merits of a client’s case.  Most new students have no idea how to determine if a disability case is viable.   It can take years of practice before a person becomes truly efficient at determine case viability.

With this in mind, we have created an interview tool within the Olivia software that makes case intake easy.   Our single input interview system is built directly into the Olivia Prime software.  The intake tool is also designed to help the advocate make the important decision to accept, guide or outright reject a case.   Within our system each decision leads to a specific series of actions that will assure a quality case review and maximize customer satisfaction regardless of outcome.

Here is how the Olivia Intake tool works:

To access the Olivia intake tool, click on the (add new client) button within your Olivia account.  This will take you to the client interview and/or intake page.  See screenshot.  The blue arrows represent the intake page header and the intake page segments.

From the Olivia intake page above, an advocate can easily input a new client’s data into the Olivia system.  What data to request is listed on the add/interview client page.  See two blue arrows.  Providing labeled areas within the Olivia intake page gives the advocate a direct clue as to what data is appropriate.   This means that even a novice advocate can perform case intake without second guessing what data to collect.   The Olivia built-in intake system is just one of many advocate tools designed to bring greater ease and efficiency to your advocacy service.

There is a sister article to this one called the Key to Advocate Business Success.    This article will demonstrate how our advocate training coincides with the design of our Olivia software.   If you’d like to learn more about our exclusive Advocate business opportunity, visit our website by clicking here.  Learn about our exclusive Olivia case management software by clicking here.   See you next issue!

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