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Transitioning to New Software

In many legal services like Social Security disability advocacy, it can be difficult to transition from one case management software to another while continuing to represent cases.

Case Management Software

Case Management Software

Commercially generated case management software programs are totally incompatible with one another.  They can also be extremely expensive and are not always HIPPA compliant as required in the field of SSA case representation.

Client data and familiarity are the two most sited reasons why professionals stay with a program even when comparable software is available at significant savings.   Professionals stay in these inexpensive programs because they fear loss of client data and the new software learning curve.

If you’re considering a change to your case management program, here are a few tips we provide to those transferring into our Olivia Prime software:

a)      Plan your transition out of the old software.

b)      Make the transition during the slowest period of your business.

c)       Take the new software’s free trial and get familiar with how it works.

d)      Properly organize your client’s data prior to the transition

e)      Try to avoid inputting large amounts of client data into the new system.

f)       Start fresh in your new software inputting only new incoming clients.

g)      Continue using your old software until cases are closed.

Olivia Prime is easy to learn and contains a full video instructional library.  If you’d like to learn about our Olivia case management software for disability advocates, click here.  If you’d like to learn how you can enter the field of disability advocacy, click here.  Thank you for visiting the Advocate Income Network Blog.


New Olivia Task Alert System

The Task Alert System is a powerful new addition to our Olivia Prime case management system. This tool enables you to quickly document and track case and company related activities on a daily bases. Any task entered into the system is monitored daily. On the day the task is due, the system will alert you within your Olivia account. You will also receive an email alert or an alert to your mobile device.

As a practicing disability advocate, keeping up with day-to-day client and business task can be a challenge. That’s why we invented the new Task Alert system. The Task Alert is integrated into both your Task and Client Calendars. This structure enables you to tract, execute and bill any or all actions listed in the task alert.

Using the Alert System

We have designed the Task Alert system to be user friendly. Use the system to document and track deadlines, due dates, meetings, follow-ups, hearings, form acquisition and more.  This tool will make keeping up with required actions much easy.

Open your Olivia software account to the Dashboard.

Task Alert System

Making case processing easy!

On the Task Alert Bar, click Edit to access the Task Alert System.

Track Case Activities

Document and track all case activities

You can enter a task with or without associating it to a client. Upon completing the task, you’ll be given the opportunity to add the task to a client’s billing if desired.

Track any task

Track task any task!

Indicate the level of priority and the task description.

Prioritize the task

Prioritize any task

By clicking add task, you are saving the task to the system.

Task Saved

Task Saved

Upon saving a task, it will appear on the Dashboard of your Olivia account.  The task will also be listed on the Task Alert page. Click the blue check box below to mark task as complete.

View Task

View all completed task

You can also view all completed task, view future task or print the task list.

View future task

View future task

See All Task and Completed Task list below:

See All Task

See All Task

Setting reminders on task is easy.  Once you’ve entered a task, you can designate how you would like to be notified. If you choose email, you’ll receive an email notice on the morning the task is due.  You also have the option of being notified via your tablet or smart phone device.

Task alerts to your phone

Task alerts to your email and phone.

To learn more about our powerful Olivia case management software, visit our website at  If you’d like to learn more about the field of disability representation, visit our training site at  To learn more about our powerful marketing program, visit us at

Olivia Software Training

Olivia Training

Case management software for processing Social Security and Veteran benefit claims can be extremely expensive, complicated and difficult to learn.

Most case management software companies will charge you a significant fee just to learn their software.  Olivia Prime is different!  We provide total training as part of your standard account.

Each user of our new Olivia Prime case management software is given free and complete access to our Olivia Video library.  The Olivia library contains more than sixty easy to follow instructional videos that will enable you to master Olivia Prime within hours of use.   We’ve also added a new Olivia training segment called Best Practices.

Within the best practices segment, we provide informative articles covering important issues like:

  • Document Management
  • Olivia Client Control Panel
  • Client Billing
  • Argument Creation
  • How to Construct a Call Center
  • Much more!

These articles will enable you to extract the most out of your software and drive new customer demand.  We’ve just added a new article to our Olivia Training center called the Task Alert System.  This article will show you how and when to use this incredibly power new Olivia feature.   If you’d like to learn more about our exclusive Olivia Prime software, please visit us at

Olivia Client Control Panel Advantage!

Client Control Panel

When to Use a Control Panel

Another exclusive feature within our Olivia Prime case management software is the assignable client control panel.  Within Olivia, an advocate can easily assign a secure control panel to any active client.  The system automatically generates the client’s access codes and sends this data to the client.  The client can easily access his control panel and begin securely communicating with his/her assigned advocate.

Within each control panel, we have placed a control panel training video for the client user.  This will enable the client user to quickly learn the panel.  Providing a training video for the applicant should also saves you time by reducing your time spent explaining how to use it.

We created the assignable client control panel to enable Olivia users to provide their customers with a higher level of customer service.  As case processing moves to the Internet, an assignable client control panel with the ability to send secure messages and materials will prove to be an invaluable tool for the professional disability advocate.

When to use a control panel

Considerations when assigning a control panel:

  1. Make sure the client has Internet access and an email account.
  2. Make sure the client is comfortable using the web.
  3. Use it when exchanging sensitive materials like SSA forms or documents containing Social Security numbers over the Internet.
  4. Use it to explain case strategy or other sensitive matters associated with a case.
  5. Use it when discussing financial matters associated with a case.

It’s important to realize that regular email is not secure and should not be used to communicate sensitive information.  Hackers target email with an even higher frequency than websites because it is a treasure trove of personal information.  Olivia Prime is the only advocate case management software that enables you to address this security issue in flash.  If you’d like to learn more about Olivia Prime case management software, please visit our website.

Olivia Prime is Easy to Learn

Case management software

When choosing a Social Security case management program, ease of use is an important consideration.  Many of the existing case management programs are extremely expensive, difficult to use and hard to understand.  Users can spend hundreds of dollars and hours of valuable time learning how to use the basic features of these complex programs.

Olivia prime is completely different!

When choosing a Social Security case management program, ease of use is an important consideration.  Many of the existing case management programs are extremely expensive, difficult to use and hard to understand.  Users can spend hundreds of dollars and hours of valuable time learning how to use the basic features of these complex programs.

Olivia prime is completely different!  As you can see from the Olivia dashboard picture, all relevant case actions are logically present on the dashboard page in the form of buttons.

When you first enter the Olivia software, it takes you to a generic dashboard as seen above.  At this point, no client has been chosen so no client calendar will show on the dashboard under the blue tool buttons.  If there is no client calendar showing on the dashboard, this means that no client has been chosen to work with.

If you have already inputted a client, his/her name will appear in the gray “Choose a Client to Work With” drop-down button.  To choose a client to work with, simply click on the gray button and chose the client’s name.  Client’s folder will appear on the dashboard.  You also have the option to add a new client to the system using the “Add a New Client” button.

All features within Olivia work on this same simple principle.  Once a client is chosen, only that client’s information will appear in Olivia.  This feature assures that you never mix client data.  To choose another client, simply click the gray drop-down and click the client’s name.  All client folders, communications, documents, etc. will appear within that client’s Olivia folder.

If you’d like to learn about the exciting features within our Olivia case management software, visit our website.  Would you like to learn more about marketing your advocacy service?  Our mobile marketing system is easy to use and extremely cost effective.  In fact, mobile marketing has one of the best ROIs in the advertising industry.  If you’d like to learn more about mobile marketing of an advocacy service, sign up for our free Mobile Marker Guide.  You can also visit us at for mobile website packages and pricing.

Olivia Prime in the Initial Interview Process

One of the greatest obstacles to the success of an advocacy service is case processing efficiency!  Most advocates depend on home grown software solutions or expensive software created by companies that have never represented a case.   An efficient advocacy service needs case management software that is custom made for the industry.  Olivia Prime is that software!

The operational techniques (daily business practices) you use in your advocacy service can make or break your firm.  Experience shows that daily business practices are as important to success as an understanding the disability process.  In fact, the two must work hand-in-hand in order to create a service that works for everyone.

In our disability advocate business and training program, we go to great lengths to teach each student the various steps within the disability process.  The process starts with what we call the intake or initial interview phase.  The initial interview is extremely important because it’s your chance to closely review the merits of a client’s case.  Most new students have no idea how to determine if a disability case is viable.   It can take years of practice before a person becomes truly efficient at determine case viability.

With this in mind, we have created an interview tool within the Olivia software that makes case intake easy.   Our single input interview system is built directly into the Olivia Prime software.  The intake tool is also designed to help the advocate make the important decision to accept, guide or outright reject a case.   Within our system each decision leads to a specific series of actions that will assure a quality case review and maximize customer satisfaction regardless of outcome.

Here is how the Olivia Intake tool works:

To access the Olivia intake tool, click on the (add new client) button within your Olivia account.  This will take you to the client interview and/or intake page.  See screenshot.  The blue arrows represent the intake page header and the intake page segments.

From the Olivia intake page above, an advocate can easily input a new client’s data into the Olivia system.  What data to request is listed on the add/interview client page.  See two blue arrows.  Providing labeled areas within the Olivia intake page gives the advocate a direct clue as to what data is appropriate.   This means that even a novice advocate can perform case intake without second guessing what data to collect.   The Olivia built-in intake system is just one of many advocate tools designed to bring greater ease and efficiency to your advocacy service.

There is a sister article to this one called the Key to Advocate Business Success.    This article will demonstrate how our advocate training coincides with the design of our Olivia software.   If you’d like to learn more about our exclusive Advocate business opportunity, visit our website by clicking here.  Learn about our exclusive Olivia case management software by clicking here.   See you next issue!